Thursday, December 07, 2006

Taylie Had Enough!!!

Today I was on the phone with my best friend from High School who I hadn't talk to for over a year and well I guess I was on the phone for a while. Taylie finally had enough and was tired of listening at the kitchen table to a one sided conversation. So as you can see she just laid across two chairs and called it good!!! I thought it was pretty cute, but did feel a little guilty for being on the phone long enough that she decided to take a nap right there!!! Oh well, she denied it even happened until I showed her the pictures.

Gingerbread House Fun!!!

It has been a while since I have posted so I decided to put up some thanksgiving pictures. Grandma and Grandpa Jensen, Jordan and his "Friend" Katie came to visit and we decided for one of our activities to make a Ginger Bread House. The kids had a lot of fun as you can see. The girls loved having Katie around and wherever she was you could always find our three girls right there with her!!! There usually was some teary eyes because only 2 could be right by her. It just wasn't Fair!!! Well Katie did make it through the week without being smothered to death and it was fun having her here!!(Hopefully she had fun to????ha!ha!)