Sunday, October 28, 2007

Arrow of Light!!!!

Justin got his Arrow of Light and is moving out of Cub Scouts to Scouts. He is really excited about it as are we for him.
We were laughing in this picture because they told me they were going to give him his award the next pack meeting and Maggie and Ambree had to be somewhere so I took them and when I got back they had already gave him his award. So we could get a picture of the event they had us come up so he could put the pin on me. As he was doing this he poked his finger. OUCH!!!!

Camping Jensen Style!!!!!

Ok so Justin had to have a ovewrnighter camp out in order to recieve his arrow of light.Of course we were out of town when they did this with his troop so that left us to get this completed.It seemed as though every weekened there was something going on untill finally it was the last weekened before he turned 11 and he had to finish it before then. Going up tp the mountains just wasn't going to work out for us because he had basketball the next morning at 9am. So we opted for the backyard camp out. It was astually alot of fun and nice being so close to running water adn some indoor plumbing.