Friday, May 16, 2008

Its hot outside.....

Yes its 100 degrees today and being outside just sanding there alone is a killler, so to top that off we were outside from 10- 1:30 at a school track meet!!! Justin ran the 800, 400, and did the high Jump. Maggie ran the 400 , 800 , and the relay. They did so great and I love seeing them work so hard to get across that finish line. Although long term track doesn't matter much, we hope they work this hard in the race back to our Heavnly Father to cross theat finish line!!!Just like im waiting there for my children so excited for them that they worked so hard I have to think that is just a glimpse of how happy our Heavenly Father will be waiting there for us we we cross that finish line!!! Still don't have a camera back, so no pictures yet but hopefuly soon!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Super cute free blog designs!!!

Just found a really cute site that has some very cute blog designs for free. Its on my side bar so check it out!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Now for the boys...actually boy

Justin has just started this series and loved. There are several in the series and he can't wait to get the next one!!!
Summers coming quickly so its always nice to find a good series to keep them busy!!!!

Books my Girls just love ....

Recently we have had so much fun reading these cute books!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Journal Time!!!

Whats going on at our house this last week....
Justin had 2 baseball games this week baseball practice on wednesday
Track practice after school everyday except wednesday, Basketball
tournament on Saturday ( Yes that would be 3 different sports.)

Maggie had track practice after school, Choir practice on Saturday to get ready for the spring performance
and got to run around with us to Justins games

Ambree Loves getting home from school an hour early and being able to have a little
alone time with Taylie so they can really get in some school/house play.
She also had choir practice

Taylie Enjoyed going to preschool this week and was so excited for the big May Day
parade at schoool, they were all pretty cute with there nicely decorated hats and bow ties.

Jared and Misty
Got back Tuesday from a fun getaway for our 12th Anniversary to Santa Barbara and then off to Del Mar with a little detour to Disneyland which is always so much fun with the two of us. Jared (or me ) would have never thougt we would have liked Disneyland as much as we do. We got back Tuesday night and we were so exited to be back with the kids. I have realized its always nice to have a break sometimes but what would life be like with out these guys!!!! There are no pictures because my camera that I just got ( in december after our camera got stolen) is having some problems so I had to send it into canon to get it fixed. So Im just going to start journaling at least once a week so I can make one of those books of your blog everyone is talking about.