Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whats been goin' on at the Jensens

A lot of pictures but thought I would do a quick update on whats been going on!!! ( They are in random order.)

I don't think moving is very fun at all but my kids sure seem to make it fun!!!
(P.S. We moved !!)

Taylie playing in the water feature at the mall while Jared was selling Skyrunners(jumping stilts) !!! We finally finished for now but we will be back at the mall for christmas time.

Taylie lost her first tooth in the car waiting for grandma at the airport.

Ambree turned 8 years old and was Baptized. Such a great day!!!

Maggie on the last day of school!!! 5th grade Here I come!!

This was the one and only picture of Justin on the last day of school!!! Not a fan of mom taking pictures anymore.
Well, he is a boy and going into the 6th grade I guess that makes sense.

In Newport with are Friends the Madsens. A much needed trip right before the big move!!! Now Im ready for one after the big move!!!

Ambree got her ears pierced.

Maggie got her braces. She hates this picture but it has to be documented.

Taylie graduated from Preschool.
(Top row second one from the Left.)

Ambree on the last day of school!!!