Thursday, October 23, 2008


I just had a scentsy party last night and it was a lot of fun!!! There a ton of scents to pick from. They are not an actual candle they plug into the wall and the light bulb heats up the wax and and you can reuse the wax. They are pretty cool!!! Im going to leave my party open so if any of you would like to order something you can check out my friends website at Thanks Heather for last night!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!!!

We are so excited!! Can't believe we are finally having another boy!!! Justin is especially excited to have a brother finally. In the car Justin said " I will be going on a mission when he is 7 years old!!!" I told him he gets to be his idol!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Exciting news.....

We finally told our kids while we were in Utah at our annual banana split contest where the kids all found a pacifier at the bottom of there banana split. There reactions were classic and I wish I had a video camera. Im about 15 1/2 weeks along and starting to feel like my normal self at least for now!!! Our family is so excited for our new arrival !!!! February 5, 2008 is the due date.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whats been goin' on at the Jensens

A lot of pictures but thought I would do a quick update on whats been going on!!! ( They are in random order.)

I don't think moving is very fun at all but my kids sure seem to make it fun!!!
(P.S. We moved !!)

Taylie playing in the water feature at the mall while Jared was selling Skyrunners(jumping stilts) !!! We finally finished for now but we will be back at the mall for christmas time.

Taylie lost her first tooth in the car waiting for grandma at the airport.

Ambree turned 8 years old and was Baptized. Such a great day!!!

Maggie on the last day of school!!! 5th grade Here I come!!

This was the one and only picture of Justin on the last day of school!!! Not a fan of mom taking pictures anymore.
Well, he is a boy and going into the 6th grade I guess that makes sense.

In Newport with are Friends the Madsens. A much needed trip right before the big move!!! Now Im ready for one after the big move!!!

Ambree got her ears pierced.

Maggie got her braces. She hates this picture but it has to be documented.

Taylie graduated from Preschool.
(Top row second one from the Left.)

Ambree on the last day of school!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Its hot outside.....

Yes its 100 degrees today and being outside just sanding there alone is a killler, so to top that off we were outside from 10- 1:30 at a school track meet!!! Justin ran the 800, 400, and did the high Jump. Maggie ran the 400 , 800 , and the relay. They did so great and I love seeing them work so hard to get across that finish line. Although long term track doesn't matter much, we hope they work this hard in the race back to our Heavnly Father to cross theat finish line!!!Just like im waiting there for my children so excited for them that they worked so hard I have to think that is just a glimpse of how happy our Heavenly Father will be waiting there for us we we cross that finish line!!! Still don't have a camera back, so no pictures yet but hopefuly soon!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Super cute free blog designs!!!

Just found a really cute site that has some very cute blog designs for free. Its on my side bar so check it out!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Now for the boys...actually boy

Justin has just started this series and loved. There are several in the series and he can't wait to get the next one!!!
Summers coming quickly so its always nice to find a good series to keep them busy!!!!

Books my Girls just love ....

Recently we have had so much fun reading these cute books!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Journal Time!!!

Whats going on at our house this last week....
Justin had 2 baseball games this week baseball practice on wednesday
Track practice after school everyday except wednesday, Basketball
tournament on Saturday ( Yes that would be 3 different sports.)

Maggie had track practice after school, Choir practice on Saturday to get ready for the spring performance
and got to run around with us to Justins games

Ambree Loves getting home from school an hour early and being able to have a little
alone time with Taylie so they can really get in some school/house play.
She also had choir practice

Taylie Enjoyed going to preschool this week and was so excited for the big May Day
parade at schoool, they were all pretty cute with there nicely decorated hats and bow ties.

Jared and Misty
Got back Tuesday from a fun getaway for our 12th Anniversary to Santa Barbara and then off to Del Mar with a little detour to Disneyland which is always so much fun with the two of us. Jared (or me ) would have never thougt we would have liked Disneyland as much as we do. We got back Tuesday night and we were so exited to be back with the kids. I have realized its always nice to have a break sometimes but what would life be like with out these guys!!!! There are no pictures because my camera that I just got ( in december after our camera got stolen) is having some problems so I had to send it into canon to get it fixed. So Im just going to start journaling at least once a week so I can make one of those books of your blog everyone is talking about.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wrong date !!!

The last entry was actually posted April 17th . I guess since I saved it on March 17th thats the date on there!!! Just wanted to clarify.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I've been Tagged !!! My big come back !!!!

I started writing this about a month ago and I keep thinking Im going to finish it but of course I never do!!!
This is more or less the story of my life!!!! At leat I feel like that sometimes. So here is part of my "big come back" and maybe I will eventually finish. I know this is pretty sad but as my daughter Maggie tells me all the time " It is what it is mom!!!"

Where was I 10 years ago:

We were living here in Fresno in a apartment over by Fresno State.
(Not exactly the best area) Maggie was due in May and so I was despretly looking for another place to live that was 1 bigger and 2 a better area. We found a much better apartment and were asll settled in time for Maggie to be born!!!

Things on my " To Do List" for today:

Well I do make lists and lots of them because Im always losing my list. But today Is the first day of Spring Break Vacation, so we are like in vacation mode. ALthough I have a few things I do have to get done.
1. Laundry
2.FHE lesson
4.mail b-day gift off for Jages
5. Laundry
6.organize scrapbook closet
8.get stuff for justins science project

The list goes on and on. Sounds like fun???!!!???

What would I do if I was a Billonaire:
Pay off all of our stuff
Cancer Research
Pay for as many Misssionarys as I can that need some finacial help.
Start a LDS type of Private schoool for the Fresno/Clovis area
Travel, Travel , Travel
and probabley many more unnessisary things.