Monday, March 17, 2008

I've been Tagged !!! My big come back !!!!

I started writing this about a month ago and I keep thinking Im going to finish it but of course I never do!!!
This is more or less the story of my life!!!! At leat I feel like that sometimes. So here is part of my "big come back" and maybe I will eventually finish. I know this is pretty sad but as my daughter Maggie tells me all the time " It is what it is mom!!!"

Where was I 10 years ago:

We were living here in Fresno in a apartment over by Fresno State.
(Not exactly the best area) Maggie was due in May and so I was despretly looking for another place to live that was 1 bigger and 2 a better area. We found a much better apartment and were asll settled in time for Maggie to be born!!!

Things on my " To Do List" for today:

Well I do make lists and lots of them because Im always losing my list. But today Is the first day of Spring Break Vacation, so we are like in vacation mode. ALthough I have a few things I do have to get done.
1. Laundry
2.FHE lesson
4.mail b-day gift off for Jages
5. Laundry
6.organize scrapbook closet
8.get stuff for justins science project

The list goes on and on. Sounds like fun???!!!???

What would I do if I was a Billonaire:
Pay off all of our stuff
Cancer Research
Pay for as many Misssionarys as I can that need some finacial help.
Start a LDS type of Private schoool for the Fresno/Clovis area
Travel, Travel , Travel
and probabley many more unnessisary things.